What is a Big Picture?

One goal of all OLI courses is to promote coherence by teaching students how the discrete skills they are learning fit together in a meaningful big picture of the domain. The Big Picture gives students an organizational structure through which they learn the material.

The Big Picture explains why the material in a course is being covered, as well as how the material is related or organized. The Big Picture illustrates why one might want to invest time in learning this material, and what it can do, in a way that students entering the course will easily understand.

Why Study Anatomy and Physiology?

You probably have a general understanding of how your body works, but to truly understand the intricate functions of the human body and dispel many misconceptions that you have learned about your body over the years, you must approach the study of the body in an organized way.

This course will help you understand those intricacies and attack misconceptions head-on. This course will expose you to the complex levels of organization taking place inside the body and provide you with the information you need to delve deeply into the specific aspects of the body systems. This will prepare you for the more complex topics you will encounter in your future courses.

There is some agreement among professionals about how to do this, and what information must be common across all Anatomy and Physiology courses. This is presented as the Big Picture in Anatomy and Physiology.